Children's Product



For many children, nighttime is the only time of day when they are left alone with their thoughts, emotions, and fears, and their imagination is free to run wild. Nighttime fears typically emerge between the ages of two and preschool years and are a common phenomenon in healthy child development.

However, healthy sleep is essential for a child's overall well-being, and it involves getting enough uninterrupted sleep and developing a consistent sleeping schedule. Research has shown that children with nighttime fears tend to have less sleep and poorer quality sleep, which can have adverse effects on their physical and mental health.


Aura is not your typical nightlight; instead of illuminating, its purpose is to remind children that they are not alone. Shaped like a house, Aura is designed to establish a meaningful connection between the child and the device.

To address children's nighttime fears, parents can create soothing rituals that children can follow independently. Additionally, giving children a sense of control is crucial in empowering them to overcome this issue. Providing a security object, such as a blanket, stuffed animal, or flashlight, is also recommended and has been shown to have positive results in making children feel safer.

The comforting glow of Aura alludes to the idea of someone being home, drawing on the innate sense of safety and comfort associated with being in a familiar place. As a security object, Aura brings comfort to children, allowing them to feel safer at night and creating a sense of security in their environment.

The purpose of Aura is to one day empower the child to not need it anymore, becoming obsolete.



Punto is a chair that prioritizes versatility in its design. Its structure consists of a sleek tube frame and a seat that can be easily swapped out and placed atop the frame.

To ensure maximum comfort, the two front legs extend beyond the base frame, allowing the seat to fit snugly within the structure and creating a seamless surface for the user to sit on.

Punto's customizable nature means that it can be tailored to suit a variety of preferences and purposes, with options for different materials and seat designs available to the user.

Final Design