Children's Product



CIMA is a collaborative project between the Children's Museum of Art in New York City and the Industrial Design Seniors at Parsons School for Design. The goal of the project was to address the challenges that the museum was facing, and the design students were invited to provide solutions.

To identify the museum's issues, we had a walkthrough of the space with the museum's director. While the director highlighted some areas of concern, we were also encouraged to take note of any additional challenges they observed.


During our observation of the art room at the CMA, we noticed that many children were struggling to reach the faucet of the sink. While some managed to use a pipe cover as a makeshift step stool, they still couldn't activate the water flow using the pedal. As a result, children often had to ask for parental assistance when washing their hands.


To address this issue, we created CIMA, a specially designed step stool that allows children to access the sink in the art room. The top of the stool features a button and mechanism that activates the water flow when pressed. The stool is constructed from stainless steel and features a non-slip rubber surface that is both safe and easy to clean.

Importantly, the stool's design completely covers the water pipes and pedals, protecting them from damage and ensuring the stool remains functional for years to come.

Final Design