Children's Product

Cosmic CAMP


As a part of Friends of, I led the design and manufacturing of the Space Communicator Bracelet for the interactive family experience Cosmic CAMP taking place at the CAMP stores. Each camper gets a Space Communicator as they enter the experience.


Cosmic CAMP offers a thrilling experience for campers, complete with activities like traversing lava fields, decoding ice crystals, piloting rovers, exploring the cosmos, playing interactive games, participating in a live game show, and winning prizes. To collect coins during the experience, campers need to wear their space communicator and engage with the environment around them. Upon arrival, each camper is given a bracelet that contains a sensor, enabling them to collect coins as they explore. Once the experience is complete, the sensor is removed, and campers get to keep the cosmic CAMP bracelet as a fun souvenir.


Space Communicator

To ensure ease of use during the Cosmic CAMP experience, we designed the space communicator with a silicone material, making it effortless to pop the sensor in and out as campers progress through the activities. To add a fun touch, we utilized UV printing to color the buttons on top, which also allows for coloring of the edges.

Additionally, we made the collectible bracelet adjustable so that both children and parents could comfortably wear it throughout the experience.

Final Design