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Glo Science


As a designer in the Research and Development team at GLO Science, I was responsible for the design and development of two at-home dental care products - GLO Lit and GLO Pro Power.


During my time at GLO Science, I was involved in developing a Bluetooth-enabled device that is smaller than its predecessor, and that could be synced with an app on your phone, enabling you to track your treatments conveniently.

This later evolved to become GLO Lit, a teeth-whitening device set that incorporates professional-grade, patented heat and light technology, providing visible teeth whitening results without causing any sensitivity.

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GLO Power Pro

At GLO, two different mouthpieces were to treat different oral concerns: one for teeth whitening and the other for gum treatment. To simplify the process, we aimed to develop a single power bank that could fit both mouthpieces and enable users to track both treatments through their phone.

To achieve this, I came up with the concept of a rechargeable Bluetooth device that could easily snap into the different mouthpieces required for each treatment. This not only streamlined the user experience but also opened up possibilities for future development of new mouthpieces and treatments.

With this innovative device, users no longer need to buy a new product every time a new treatment is introduced. Instead, they can simply purchase additional accessories to use with their device. This not only saves money but also reduces waste.

In addition to the device, I also designed a sleek carry case for easy travel. The case was crafted to be lightweight and portable, with a small perforated area at the bottom to prevent water accumulation and allow for ventilation. This ensured that the device and accessories were always kept safe and secure, even on-the-go.

This later evolved to become the GLO Power Pro.

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