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Use a CNC machine to develop a unique and comfortable seating device made entirely from a single sheet of plywood. It must be crafted to provide optimal support and comfort for the user.


Malmö is a modern take on the traditional rocking chair, utilizing advanced CNC technology to transform a flat and rigid material into a comfortable and stylish seating experience. Constructed from plywood and utilizing mortise and tenon joinery, the chair features kerf cuts that enable the material to bend and flex, resulting in a more ergonomic and comfortable sitting experience.

The seat and backrest are covered in a thin layer of felt, providing a touch of color and cushioning. With its sleek and contemporary design, Malmö is a stylish addition to any space.

The use of a single sheet of plywood not only reduces waste and simplifies the construction process, but also allows for easy shipping, as the chair can be shipped flat.

Final Design