Furniture Design



This is personal project that was born out of my passion for space travel, exploration, and science fiction.

In the vastness of the cosmos, celestial bodies move and interact in a cosmic dance. Among these interactions, orbits hold a special place, as they represent the path that one object takes around another. An orbit is a repetitive and predictable pattern that reveals the complex and beautiful relationship between two celestial bodies.

As an object moves along its orbit, it does so with a precise speed and direction that allow it to maintain a stable trajectory. This is due to the force of gravity, which is the glue that binds the universe together. The satellite is kept in orbit by the gravitational pull of the object it is circling around, which keeps it from drifting away into the darkness of space.



Órbita is a wall clock that draws inspiration from the cosmic bodies that traverse the vast expanse of space. Comets, asteroids, and planets serve as a muse for this timepiece, embodying the beauty and mystery of the celestial realm.

At the center of Órbita's design lie three satellites that revolve at different velocities, each symbolizing the passage of seconds, minutes, and hours. These satellites move in a graceful dance, creating an ever-changing display of motion that is as captivating as it is accurate.

The clock's sleek matte black finish serves as the perfect backdrop for the white speckles adorning the surface to evoke the appearance of distant stars scattered across a darkened sky.

Final Design