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Rattan is a material that has been around in furniture design for ages because it's strong, durable, and flexible. It's actually a kind of climbing palm that grows in tropical regions, and its stem can be harvested and woven into different types of furniture.

Recently, rattan has become trendy again in furniture design, and many modern designers are using it to make some really cool pieces. They mix it with other materials like metal and wood to create furniture that looks good and works well.

Rattan has an earthy look that works well with lots of design styles, from bohemian to modern. It's perfect for making chairs, sofas, and tables, and it's even used outdoors because it can handle the weather.

As more people care about sustainability and the environment, rattan is becoming even more popular because it's renewable and natural.



Palermo is a product of material exploration, designed as an ode to rattan.

Palermo embodies the natural elegance of rattan, a material that has been used in furniture design for centuries. From its sturdy frame to its woven backrest and seat, every element of Palermo has been carefully considered to create a stunning and functional piece.

As a concept chair, Palermo represents a new approach to design, one that values materiality and craftsmanship above all else. It is a celebration of the natural world and a testament to the creative potential of sustainable materials.

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